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Family Therapy

Families provide the foundation and the architecture from which we manage life’s many adventures and challenges. When families encounter personal or circumstantial difficulties, the entire system is troubled. The symptoms may coalesce when one or many members suffer with symptoms and the whole family struggles to adjust to:

  1. Drug or alcohol addiction
  2. Traumatic circumstances (fire, earthquakes, accidents, etc.)
  3. A problematic child or teen
  4. A chronically depressed, injured, or aging member
  5. Eating disorders

The symptoms may be also wide spread as with chaotic or rigid interactions, communication chaos, chronic anger sequences, or domestic violence. Family therapy is effective in resolving problems by all family members. Partnering the strengths of each individual to the difficulty at hand is a valuable way to promote healthy family participation and cohesiveness.

Since a problem for one family member effects all members of the family system, each member can contribute to the resolution of family struggles. A family therapist’s function is to work with all the members of the family in various combinations to remedy the troubling patterns of interaction within the system. While minimizing blame, confusion and withdrawal, an experienced family therapist can guide members through the complexities of family dynamics, promote clear communication, reveal diverse individual needs, navigate obstacles, promote exploration of family goals, and increase the family’s response flexibility.

 Families today are often challenged by monumental stress, trauma, and rapidly changing circumstances. It is within the family that we usually seek shelter and assistance. In her Pleasanton family practice, Gail provides the support where a team effort blossoms and burdens are shared, individual strengths are appreciated, windows of opportunity are noticed, aspirations are realized, and success is celebrated.


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Gail Gabriel, MFT
Gail Gabriel, MFT
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