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Couples Therapy

Life’s relationships are challenging, but none so much as the primary relationship you share with your partner. Couples therapy teaches partners the skills that promote trust, respect and an awakened appreciation of each other. Most of us long to be understood, truly known, and deeply valued by our partners, yet few of us have learned the skills to sustain this kind of relationship. Couples counseling offers pathways for increased intimacy while balancing the needs of autonomy for each individual.

In couples therapy you have the opportunity to know yourself better, know your partner better, and change the dance of your interactions. The primary function of a couple’s therapist is to improve how you and your partner respond to each other, especially under emotionally charged circumstances. Some examples are:

  1. Making a decision about marriage, divorce or children.
  2. Navigating important differences between you.
  3. Healing ruptures in trust.
  4. Renewing intimacy and connection.
  5. Fighting over different solutions to a problem.

Gail respects and uncovers each partner’s core beliefs and values in order to promote the partnering of each person’s strengths to the issue at hand. As your ability to respond to each other grows more positive, supporting and flexible, you each feel more valued, more understood, and more connected to each other. Your conversations become more creative and vibrant. Couples often continue these fruitful conversations in the nearby restaurants and coffee houses downtown in Pleasanton.

Couples therapy will help you define your goals, develop emotional resilience and master the skills to improve your interactions, overcome obstacles, heal old wounds, navigate your differences, and courageously attempt new patterns of intimacy and support. Gail is committed to helping you see more clearly, know where you are going, how to get there, and how you and your partner can work together as a team to implement your goal of a better relationship.


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Gail Gabriel, MFT
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