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Parenting is immensely challenging and immensely rewarding. The confluence of circumstances and problems accompanying each child’s development can overwhelm even the most competent of adults. Children often act out what they are unable to articulate. The work of an experienced family therapist is to translate the meaning of these behavioral cues in the Pleasanton Tri-Valley area student population as well as in the context of specific developmental milestones of that particular age. As a parenting coach, Gail provides guidance, resources, suggestions, interventions, and parenting strategies applicable to the unique needs of the individual child.

Children develop cognitive, social, physical, emotional, psychological, and motor capacities in fits and starts throughout the path to adulthood. These competencies are difficult to track, anticipate and encourage. Understanding how they intersect or play out in any given period is enormously difficult. However, parents do know when something seems to be wrong, out of character, odd, confusing or alarming. For example, a child may:

  1. Experience depression or anxiety
  2. Act rebellious, angry or defiant
  3. Struggle with peer relationships
  4. Falter academically
  5. Abuse alcohol or drugs
  6. Seem impulsive or hyperactive
  7. Wrestle with emotional trauma
  8. Suffer mood swings and attitude shifts

Paying attention to these symptoms and seeking expert counsel is often the most appropriate path to remedy the problem and facilitate more proactive parenting approaches. Parenting must be flexible enough to accommodate a child’s expanding competencies while providing sufficient safety and stability for learning and experimentation. A parent counseling therapist is a useful travel guide to relieve stress, identify problems, avoid crises, diminish worry, and promote the enjoyment of those years that quickly pass. 


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