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Therapy is a process that endeavors to illuminate your circumstances from a different perspective and expand the horizons of your attention. Through new windows of exploration and integration, Gail provides counseling opportunities to understand your circumstances, navigate difficulties, clarify your values, and move forward with personal and directed action. Gail is a warm and engaging professional therapist who provides therapy services in various modalities to serve your unique needs and advance your mental health.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is a focused and collaborative conversation about you, your feelings, your thoughts, your history and your experiences designed to develop your signature strengths, resolve dilemmas, reveal windows of opportunity, foster courage, grow self-respect and facilitate personal satisfaction. Gail can also provides life coaching to assist you in defining and implementing various goals, alleviating resistance challenges, planning steps to success, and unleashing effectiveness and achievement.
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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy is focused on strengthening your primary relationship. The goal is to improve the interpersonal exchanges between two individuals in the service of each partner and the relationship bond. Individuals come together as a “couple” usually because of what they have in common. The challenge, of course, is to navigate the unfolding landscape of differences that become evident over time. This is a much more difficult endeavor than it seems. At times the pressure to join and solidify the “we” works in opposition to the pressure to individuate and solidify the “I” frequently erupting in difficulties approximating an earthquake. Each member of the couple must learn to dance in two or more worlds at the same time, often to different music and often under the additional external pressures of parenting, changing economic circumstances and job responsibilities. Couples therapy is about learning to partner each person’s strengths and differences rather than polarize them. It will improve how you and your partner interact with each other, negotiate differences, solve problems, and truly know and appreciate each other.
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Parent Counseling

Parent Counseling is focused on the enormous and complex task of raising children to be healthy, happy, purposeful, and independent adults. Whether you are a single parent or share the responsibility, therapy for parents unravels the unique developmental challenges active when a child encounters difficulty or exhibits problematic behavior. The Pleasanton Tri-Valley area offers distinct advantages and it also presents unique obstacles to a child’s development, particularly in adolescence. Children act out their difficulties because they do not yet have a language to describe what they need. The goal of parent counseling is first to translate the meaning of problematic behavior within the context in which it occurs and as it pertains to the current developmental challenge. The goal of therapy for parents then becomes to provide resources, interventions, and parenting strategies that accommodate the child’s unique needs. Of course, it includes supporting and encouraging beleaguered and exhausted parents.
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Family Therapy

Family Therapy is focused on issues that affect all the members of the family and how each member adjusts to them. The goal of family therapy is to strengthen the extended bonds within which family members share history, navigate problems, provide encouragement, celebrate connection, and support each other throughout life. Family therapy helps visualize the larger and more intricately complex organization and promotes a perspective where all can benefit.
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Grief Counseling

Grief counseling provides a holding environment, support and sustenance while navigating the torrents of intense emotion that accompany significant loss, whether from illness, death, trauma, violence, divorce or stunning disappointment. Change of any kind often creates sadness and loss, but the grief that accompanies profound loss is like a breath defying punch to the solar plexus;  it takes the wind out of your sails. Finding yourself adrift with chronic symptoms of isolation, loneliness, fear, sleeplessness, anger, anxiety, confusion, intolerance, despair or persistent crying indicate problems of unresolved grief. Grief counseling with Gail helps you to move again through the process to balance what to gather and what to release, create a narrative that makes sense, solidify memories to be treasured, internalize personal meaning, integrate the past with the present, and find the courage to reconnect to life.
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Gail Gabriel, MFT
Gail Gabriel, MFT
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